“Pierre-Michel helped us gain impact and clarity while maintaining our singularity. For companies like ours, very focused on the potential of our technologies and still in phase 2, it is important to be able to be challenged by a specialist who has deep knowledge of the environment of pharmaceutical companies.

Thanks to his expert advice and his good understanding of our specific challenges, we have made real progress in transmitting our passion for our products and technologies to the capital market

Eric Quéméneur
CSO, Transgene, Strasbourg
Lucie Larguier
Director Corporate Communications & IR, Transgene, Strasbourg
June 2021

“I had the chance to interact regularly with Pierre-Michel over more than 10 years during my previous life as a financial analyst notably in charge of Novartis coverage.

Needless to say he was a great professional with a broad knowledge of the global healthcare industry; and I valued a lot how close he was to his top management as well as his ability to communicate and simplify complex topics (scientific or financial).”

Nicolas Guyon-Gellin
VP Corporate Development & Strategy, ENYO Pharma, Lyon
September 2020

“13 ans de joyeuse et studieuse “collaboration”. Cela a été un vrai plaisir de partager avec toi.

Tu as su hisser la fonction d’IR à un vrai niveau de professionnalisme dont beaucoup devrait s’inspirer.
Evidemment tu vas nous manquer comme IR […] on te reverra avec une autre casquette professionnelle.”

Jean-Jacques Le Fur
Analyste sell-side Bryan Garnier, Paris
Mai 2020

Novartis testimonials


“I genuinely loved working with you, you helped me so, so much as I first started to engage with the IR community. You gave me knowledge, feedback, and some confidence. I am very grateful”

Pharma executive, IR speaker
May 2020

“I will have some great memories of my time in M&A and working with you to get deals explained to the market.

Although the bets on the share price change were most of the time negative, believe that in reality we did not get “punished”. For sure to do with your preparation”

Group M&A executive
May 2020

“I just want to tell you how much I have appreciated working with you and how much I have learned from you.

I am not sure if I ever thanked you for sitting down with me when I started in my current role and explaining IR, It was so helpful and I reflect on it often..”

Drug Development executive, IR speaker
May 2020

“I have very much enjoyed our interactions over the last couple of years and very much liked your passion and curiosity in your work.”

Drug Development executive, IR speaker
May 2020

“To say we will miss you doesn’t come close to explaining it. You are absolutely the best to work with in the role you’ve played and I am only disappointed I didn’t get to experience it more than 1 year.”

Pharma executive
May 2020

“I have really enjoyed working with you […] over the years. You are a real pro who calls it like it is. “

Research, Communication executive
May 2020

“While short, it has been a pleasure working with you (again) and your “intellectual curiosity” […] coupled with your sense of humor will be missed.”

Group, Communication executive
May 2020

“It has been such a pleasure working with you and I’ve always appreciated your partnership, your provocative questions and most importantly your passion for your job.”

Pharma, Communication executive
May 2020