Why  “PM. Bringer Consulting”  (PMBC)

 Why  PM. Bringer Consulting

Over 35 years in the Pharmaceutical industry, in many different roles: investor relations, communication, business development, strategic planning, marketing & sales …

… I met and worked with fascinating professionals, inspired by the unknown, passionate about preparing the future, professionals ready to reinvent medicine and the world, while helping society to get ready for it with conviction but with humility

… I also met brilliant individuals but incapable of structuring their communication and that of their teams, as soon as they left their professional comfort zone or their area of ​​expertise

Based on these observations, reinforced by numerous recent discussions with investors, analysts and directors, I decided at this stage of my career to create PM.Bringer Consulting with:

  1. the ambition to help biopharmaceutical executives to improve the quality and reliability, and therefore the efficiency, of their financial communication

  2. the idea of sharing my experiences with biotechs and students, especially in Pharmacy